Make a difference — become a Research Mentor

Many young researchers struggle in their careers as they make their way through article submissions, peer reviews and publication process for the first time.

This process can be especially difficult if no guidance is readily available. This is exactly where a mentor can really help make a difference.

What sort of mentors are we looking for?

We're looking for experienced researchers with a strong track record of publications. We also need editors who have helped researchers write journal articles and proposals.

Potential mentors should be enthusiastic and committed. They should be able to guide and encourage early-career researchers, and they should be ready to focus on furthering the mentee's career.

What skills do Mentors Need?

We need mentors who can provide help with some or all of the following:

  • Using appropriate research methods and performing data analysis
  • Choosing appropriate journals for submitting manuscripts
  • Writing manuscripts
  • Refining writing style
  • Understanding the peer review process and responding to reviewers' comments
  • Preparing presentations and posters
  • Preparing grant proposals
  • Otherwise communicating about research

Applying to be a mentor