The following are requirements for applying for financial aid:

Write a formal letter addressed to the Dean of students , University of Nairobi,the details to be included in the letter are:

1. Details of why you need to be registered for bursary, work study programme or scholarship.

2. Give the family background .

3. Provide your County, Decision, Location names.

4. Attach a recommendation letter from your Chief and Pastor.

5. Names of your parents ( attach certified death certificate copy(ies) where necessary.

6. Name of your constituency.

7. The amount of loan and bursary from HELB for current academic year and any other bursaries.

8. Your full names,registration number, email address and mobile number

9. Please attach  a copy of your National identity Card


Please visit the Dean of students website for more information on work study programmes, scholarships and Bursary.

Complete the needy  student form and submit.